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PRAC Medal of Valor & Award of Honor


Nominations shall be submitted to the Award Review Committee* no later than January 1 of each year.


The nominee must be a park professional, employed by any California, Nevada, Oregon or Washington municipal, county, state, regional or federal park agency, open space district or special park district. The nominee is not required to be a member of the Park Rangers Association of California or the California State Park Rangers Association.


Medal of Valor


Valor is defined as, "Performing an act above and beyond the call of duty; and, exhibiting exceptional courage, extraordinary decisiveness and remarkable presence of mind, with unusual swiftness of action, without regard for personal safety, in an attempt to save or protect human life.


Public safety personnel are routinely charged with handling emergency situations, and may be called upon at any time to put their own personal safety at risk. Park Rangers and other park professionals fight wild land fires, conduct search and rescue operations, apprehend criminals, provide emergency medical services, and perform other duties to ensure the safety and welfare of the public they serve.


Periodically, park professionals will face emergency situations that are so extreme that by engaging in the emergency, they not only jeopardize their personal safety, but risk their own lives. There is nothing more precious than human life, and there is nothing more noble than saving human life.


The Park Rangers Association of California Medal of Valor may be presented to any park professional who risks his or her own life to an extraordinary degree in saving or attempting to save the life of another person, or sacrifices him or herself in a heroic manner for the benefit of others.


This award recognizes the recipient's demonstration of unusual courage involving a high degree of personal risk in the face of danger. The heroic act does not have to be related to the recipient's official duties nor occur at their official duty station.


Award of Honor


The Award of Honor may be presented by the Association to individuals whose actions are admirable or heroic, but do not rise to the level required for the Medal of Valor.


Award Selection


After review of all nominations received, the Award Review Committee shall select candidates that meet established criteria. A unanimous vote of the Committee is required for the Awards. The presentation shall be made at the annual California Parks Conference Valor and Honor Awards Ceremony.


* Award Review Committee Composition


The Award Review Committee shall be composed of 3 members: One member of the Park Rangers Association of California Board of Directors as selected by the President of the Park Rangers Association of California; One member of the California State Park Rangers Association Board of Directors as appointed by the CSPRA President; One active, regular member of the Park Rangers Association of California at large. Each Committee member shall serve a three year term. Committee members shall elect one of their own to serve as Chairperson of the Committee. No person shall serve as Chairperson of the Committee for more than 1 year. No member of the Committee shall serve for more than 2 terms. Persons wishing to serve on the Committee shall submit a letter of interest to the Park Rangers Association of California. The Board of Directors shall select the Committee members from the letters of interest. The decisions of the Committee shall be presented to the President by February 15th of each year. The decisions of the Committee are final.


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