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The Signpost Newsletter

Second Quarter 2018

"Getting to Know You"

Van Duzen County Park (continued from Page 2)


The other 110 acres were leased from the University of California as a study area. In 1980 the Conservancy turned over title of the property to the County with the condition that the land continues to operate as a public park in perpetuity.


We have 4th and 5th generation campers now in the park, and this is a local favorite swimming hole. Many Logging families would camp here in the summer while dad went to work in the woods. In fact one of the only reasons this property did not fall to the axe was that the locals petitioned the lumber companies to leave these groves so the families could continue to use them for camping each summer.


Old, but not nearly as old as the surrounding redwoods.


Pat Boyle photo

There are not many places today that allow you to camp right in the old growth redwoods. Our typical summer temps are in the low 80's, perfect for taking a dip in the river and sun bathing along the beach. People often tell us this park rivals the ones in the state and federal systems.


In the early days this park supplied the rest of the department with wood for picnic tables, split rail fencing, and buildings by utilizing dead fall in the park. Many down logs were unfortunately cut up and utilized in this way rather than" waste away" in the forest. Some were sold to supplement other Nature Conservancy projects. Fortunately today we have a greater understanding of the complex system that makes up and supports an old growth forest. An old logger told me, "No matter how good our timber practices become we will be paying for our logging history for the next thousand years. Old growth does not grow overnight."    (continued on Page 11)

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