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The Signpost Newsletter

First Quarter 2018

Managing the Resource

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Not wanting the highly sought-after trees to go to waste, park staff devised a plan to make the project a dual-effort that would benefit the community in a creative way. The Christmas Trees for Special Families program, as it came to be known, was formed from this idea.


In early December of each year since the program began, Park Rangers, along with park maintenance staff, public works, and administrative staff from the Washoe County Community Services Department, all take part in the “harvest” of 60-80 white firs within the park. The trees are then transported by Roads division crews to Rancho San Rafael Regional Park for distribution. The trees are given free-of-charge to families with children in the local foster care system, as well as families with members in the Nevada Air National Guard and Army National Guard, to help ease the burden that purchasing a tree for the holidays would have placed on them.

Free recycling is even offered by local non-profit Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful following the event. A few families even receive free passes to our swimming pools and splash parks, or free museum admission. A tree is also set up on display at the central county office complex to discuss the program and spread cheer among those who may be attending a county commission meeting.                                 (Continued on Page 9)

Officer Safety is Not a "Thing"

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Handcuff During a Detention does not constitute arrest.  Again, you need a reason because handcuffing during a detention is not standard operating procedure.  Must be brief and reasonably necessary.  TELL the suspect s/he is not under arrest but merely detained.


Some examples of articulable facts to justify handcuffs during a detention:


  • Suspect was verbally abusive to officer;
  • Suspect refused to remove hands;
  • Suspected of violent crime;
  • Intoxicated and would not follow direction;
  • Officer alone, late at night;
  • Officer alone, outnumbered by suspects;
  • Reasonable belief that suspect is armed;
  • Suspect keeps reaching inside clothing;
  • Appears ready to flee;
  • Tenses up when touching suspect;
  • Suspect transported to another location ie a show up


When you detain a suspect, ARTICULATE why.  If you pat search a suspect, ARTICULATE why.  If you handcuff a suspect during a detention, ARTICULATE why.  If you fail to do so, welcome to a motion to suppress, where hopefully you will remember the facts that led you to take the steps you did.  Be safe . . .

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